1. Boxify is featured in Industry Outlook magazine as one of the Top 10 Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India 2023


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  2. Instagram Hub!

    Welcome to the Instagram Hub!

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  3. Celebrate Diwali with Boxify Your Exclusive Gift Awaits

    Dear Valued Customer,

    As the festival of lights approaches, the Boxify family is thrilled to share the joy of Diwali with our cherished patrons!

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  4. Ways to Boost Ecommerce Store Sales

    Ways to Boost eCommerce Store Sales.

    1. Paid Traffic

    Paid traffic can be one of the best ways to quickly generate sales for your eCommerce store. You might think that paid traffic is expensive and you’ve probably heard some stories of people who have spent a lot of money – and saw no return. If used using statics its will be highly helpful. There are many options in Paid traffic, Google ads, Facebook ads, INsta ads many other social media and marketplace offers ads. Each platform is going to work slightly differently, so let’s briefly go through each one and see how you can use it to generate sales.

    2. Improve trust within your funnel ( Funnel here is the Purchase Funnel)

    Another method you can use to boost sales within your eCommerce site is to boost trust within your funnel.

    That might sound complicated, but let’s just break it down to see what it real

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  5. Know your corrugated board

    There are 2 questions that generally arise.

    1. What is Flute?

    2. Know your Corrugated board

    The below images are self-explanatory, check and get yourself informed.


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  6. Different type of Boxes Style avilable in Custom Box packaging option?

    Custom Box

    There is various box style of boxes available for eCommerce packaging. See the detailed video of this product to get information regarding the same.

    Subscribe to our Youtube channel for more Packaging Information.

    Regular Slotted Boxes | Folding type BoxesAuto

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  7. Screen printing and Some examples of Screen printed Boxes

    What is Screen Printing ?

    Screen printing is the process of pressing ink through a stencilled mesh screen to create a printed design. It’s a popular technique used in a whole range of different industries, so even if you've never heard of the term before today, it’s likely that you’ve worn or used a screen-printed product at some point without even realising. The process is sometimes called serigraphy or silk screen printing, but all of these names refer to the same basic method.

    It's a Quite cheaper method but some time creates some issues while printing on the corrugated box surface.

    Sharing some picture examples of this Process

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  8. How to Assemble folding type box & different type of folding box.

    The Roll End Front Tuck (REFT) with Dust Flaps is our #1 most popular mailer style. Great brand real estate and presentation value offer your customers the ultimate unboxing experience. This is the box of choice for subscription box brands and for eCommerce order fulfillment. This style is quick to assemble and easy to pack during fulfillment.

    Front flaps lock into the main body to add structural strength and security, while side flaps prevent dirt and dust from reaching your product inside.

    Folding type box should be assemble very careful , check the video link to do this.

    You can see many option avialble in Folding type box, Avilable at our end.
    Kraft Boxes, White

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  9. What is the Difference in Color of Various Custom Boxes ?

    We are Showing here image with all the colors Showing differences.

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  10. Let's undertsand Boxify Custom box.

    Custom boxes

    In case of custom boxes no return/exchange/refund can be initiated. Custom Boxes are Complex product that's why we have given an option of 500 Boxes as a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).Start with an initial order of 100 Boxes to check the quality so that you will be indulge in minimum risk of Losses.




    Paper Color


    Light Weight (2ply)

    100 Each Layer

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