1. Team Boxify Wishes you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year......

    The festival of Christmas lies not only in the outward shows of light but also in the inner glow
    Merry Christmas to you and your Family Members

    By Samarth Goel.

    By Lakshita Goel

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  2. Screen printing and Some examples of Screen printed Boxes

    What is Screen Printing ?

    Screen printing is the process of pressing ink through a stencilled mesh screen to create a printed design. It’s a popular technique used in a whole range of different industries, so even if you've never heard of the term before today, it’s likely that you’ve worn or used a screen-printed product at some point without even realising. The process is sometimes called serigraphy or silk screen printing, but all of these names refer to the same basic method.

    It's a Quite cheaper method but some time creates some issues while printing on the corrugated box surface.

    Sharing some picture examples of this Process

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  3. How to Assemble folding type box

    Folding type box should be assemble very careful , check the video link to do this.

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  4. What is the Difference in Color of Various Custom Boxes ?

    We are Showing here image with all the colors Showing differences.

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  5. May this Gurpurab bring happiness and prosperity in your and your loved ones’ lives

    Team Boxify Wishes you a very happy Gurupurab. On this ocassion two kids from Our Boxify family wishes you a very happy Gurupurab with their Voice.

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  6. Let's undertsand Boxify Custom box.

    Custom boxes

    In case of custom boxes no return/exchange/refund can be initiated. Custom Boxes are Complex product that's why we have given an option of 500 Boxes as a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).Start with an initial order of 100 Boxes to check the quality so that you will be indulge in minimum risk of Losses.




    Paper Color


    Light Weight (2ply)

    100 Each Layer

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  7. Packaging Of Some major Brands by Boxify

    Boxify is doing Packaging for some indian major , Brands like Wonderchef , Green Surfer , carry

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  8. Boxes for Cooking range of One of Our Previlage Client

    Few images of Our Previlage client from Cooking range

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  9. Some images of Window Box

    This is how window box looks , Sharing here some premium work by Boxify

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  10. Good packaging Attracts , Packaging is magnet for Consumer

    We all know how necessary the packaging is for a Prodcut , Good Packaging always attracts consumer, once should be very stable in creating packaging, Choice of Style of box, its size and Good desing is must, Every desing has something to say.

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