Branded Printed Courier bags by Weight (Kgs)

Tamper proof courier bags manufactured from Co-Extruded Polyethylene Films, which is black inside and white outside, with a flap that has a hot melt adhesive strip for easy & permanent closure. Once sealed, cannot be opened, the only way to open is to tear or cut the envelope. Standard sizes available.

They also have a POD jacket where you can fill in the details of a customer’s order and address.

Tamper Proof Courier Bags are perfect delivery bags, manufactured with premium quality which makes it extra strong and highly reliable.

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Branded Printed Courier bags by Weight (Kgs)

Tag name : Tamper Proof POD Jacket Courier Bag with Brand Pritning

Closure Type : Peel & Seal

Material : LDPE, HDPE

Size : Multiple Sizes avilable

Shape : Rectangular

Pattern : Printed

Color : Depend as per brand desing

Property : Recyclable

Thickness : 60 micron

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