2 inch Manual Tape Dispenser

Model Name
  • 2 inch Manual Tape Gun Hand Tape Dispenser
Cello Tape Type
  • Single-Sided 2 inch Manual Tape Gun Hand Tape Dispenser Packing Packaging Boxes Roll Roller Cutter Parcel
Tape Dispenser Type
  • Handheld Dispenser Dispenser
Tape Size
  • 2 Inch
Tape Dispenser Size
  • Medium
Tape Dispenser Operation Type
  • Manual
Special Price ₹60.00 Regular Price ₹90.00
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Tape Dispenser 2 inch with stainless steel blade It is ideal when you need a helping hand with the parcel, box wrapping, packaging, and sealing. Has a plastic handle and a serrated cutter for clean-cut, is safe to operate Fit Tape Width: less 2''

Material: Hard Plastic and Sharp Blade.

Colour: Reddish Orange and Blue; Roller Diameter: 2"(Diameter).

Total Dimension: 5.75" x 3.3" x 3.25''(L*W*H); Weight: 135g.

Suitable for tape width up to 2 Inches. Perfect mini tape dispenser. Easy to hold use it. Ideal for box packaging, sealing, etc. Material: Stainless Steel. FEATURES: Suitable for tape width up to 2 Inches Easy to Operate Tape Cutter. Perfect for Offices, Shops, Godowns, Factories, etc. Made of superior material,wear-resistant, and durable enough. With high-performance stainless steel blade, anti-rust and labor-saving. Pack cartons effortlessly with this dispenser. Handy Robust product for Easy packaging. With superior roll bearing, can roll smooth and fast, which is very convenient. ERGONOMIC DESIGN Its ergonomic design gives a firm grip and relieves wrist pain.

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