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Coronavirus effect: FMCG manufacturers could face crunch as packaging raw material in short supply

Although the government has allowed factories supplying essentials and packaging materials to be operational, some clarity is still needed on the units supplying raw material to these packaging facilities.

“We are facing a hand-to-mouth situation for packaging material. There is uncertainty on whether the next batch of packaging material will reach us. Packaging units need plastic films for wrappers etc. and those smaller units are shut,” said an industry official.
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30 Mar 2020 17:13:21 By Sumit Goel Comments Safety Tips,
6 Tips To Work From Home Successfully During Lock Down

Act As If You Are Going Into The Office.

Working from home once in a while is a luxury and most people are excited by the prospect, however here we are presented with the reality of working from home being imposed upon us as a full time obligation.

That doesn’t mean you need to break your usual routine, yes you might have some more time in bed as a result of a reduction in your commute.

But it is important to get up, get ready for work and set up a space that you can work from comfortably and hopefully ergonomically.

That means, not setting up shop in your bed or from your sofa, but actually sitting at a table to ensure you have good posture.

Have a Healthy To Do List

Structure your day, when you are working from home you have to be your own manager and therefore you have to manage your productivity (and potentially those in your team if you have to manage others).

Think Like An Entrepreneur

As the Corona Virus pandemic affects the global economy, I believe it is on each of us to look at how we add value to our organisations, teams or suppliers.

Think – what can you do to define the problems and seek out the solutions to help your company to stay above water. It is on all of us to go over and above, to rally together to make sure the business survives.

Thinking ‘intrapreneurially’ is essentially having a entrepreneurial mindset within your career and therefore looking at your programme, project as if it is a your own business. What would you do to help, how could you add value – if your job was on the line how would you approach each problem. This current pandemic calls for more than ‘thinking outside of the box’, it calls on us to throw away the box!

Stay In Contact

In an age of technology, working remotely or working from home does not have to mean working in isolation. If you would typically have a weekly team meeting, you can still have the team meeting via lots of different technology (eg. Zoom / Microsoft Teams etc.). If you don’t usually have a team meeting, well it is time to start having one.

Accept Distractions

You are at home so there will be a myriad of distractions that you are faced with :

The Doorbell / Deliveries
The Washing
The Kids
The TV
Social Media
The Partner

Get Some Exercise

…and fresh air (if you can find it), if you are used to a daily commute you may also be used to a little walking, cycling etc. so where possible try to feed a little of this into your daily routine. Even if it is a walk around the block, in your garden or to your local shops.

If you are working from home and struggling with the feeling of isolation, remember to reach out to others. I am sure they are feeling the same!


24 Mar 2020 13:16:39 By Sumit Goel Comments Safety Tips,


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Floor Marking Tapes

Floor marking tape. Floor marking tapes are adhesive tapes used to mark hazards, divide spaces, create aisles, or provide directions. They are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing facilities for floor marking.

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16 Jun 2019 12:42:25 By Naveen Sharma Comments Packaging ,
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