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Custom Box Style

Custom Box

Follow the 6 simple steps to build custom branded box as per your requirement.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Box Style

Folding Type box

A one-piece die-cut box that is assembled without any extra effort. Construction includes double-layer protection on the sides and bottom of the box. Available in two popular styles - with a tuck-in top or with a locking cover, also known as a "cherry lock" de...

Auto Bottom Lock with RSB on Top

Available with die-cut with RSB style top flaps (shown). Also referred to as an "auto bottom" box. The bottom of the box snaps into place without tape for quick assembly. Best suited for light-weight products.

Regular Slotted Box

Also called shipping boxes, RSB are the most commonly used boxes. They are usually kraft brown in color, have four flaps on the top and bottom and the side walls are sealed at one corner known as the "Manufacturer's Joint." This design is highly functional for...

Full Overlap Slotted Box

With a Full Overlap Slotted Box, all "length" flaps are also equal to the width of the box. The flaps actually fold over one another to provide added strength and protection to the top and bottom.

Auto Bottom Lock with full flap

Available with Die-cut with RSB style, top side only one flap & bottom side auto lock system box easy to assemble this box. 

Reverse Tuck Flap Box

Reverse Tuck End Paper box has the tuck flaps on both the top and bottom opening like the Straight Tuck End Paper Box. And either the left panel or right panel is glued inside to build the box. The difference is that the top tuck flap is on the front panel whi...